Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Team Grue

We had our anatomy scan today, and I'm pleased to report that Guido is perfect and symmetrical--and is measuring ahead of schedule. Our official due date is April 2nd.

Guido, showing off the nice pointy chin s/he got from me, and the honker s/he got from Danny. Not sure where those duck lips came from.

Guido was supposedly a dancing machine the entire time Natalie, the tech, was taking measurements. The screen was turned toward Natalie, so I couldn't see it, but Danny was able to watch our dancer in action. Then, when it was time for us all to look at him/her just for fun, s/he decided to stick his/her butt up in the air and take a nap. Hmph.

Another point of interest is that I have an anterior placenta. Of course I do! This means my placenta is between Guido and my stomach--so it acts as a barrier to his/her kicks. All this means is that I'm going to feel movement much later than most people. My OB said it'll be at least another month. Annoying... but definitely not the end of the world.

So, in case you haven't figured it out yet, allow me to explain what the title of this post means. Team Grue = Team Green that turned into Team Blue because baby's mommy and daddy have no will-power.

Danny was right--Guido's a perfectly healthy and big baby BOY!

I used to have no idea what I was looking at when people showed me gender-determination pics like this. In case you don't get it, imagine that Guido is sitting upright on a glass table, and you're underneath the table, looking up. What you're seeing is his butt, the backs of his legs, and the underside of his weenie. Make sense?  

When Natalie first asked if we wanted to know the sex, Danny said, "We're not sure." Huh? I totally wanted to know, but I didn't think he'd ever change his mind. He's wanted it to be a surprise since before this baby was conceived.

She said she'd get all the shots she needed to, and then we could decide. A few minutes later, she asked us what our final answer was, and Danny looked at me and said, "I wanna know! Do you?" Um, yes, please.

Proud Daddy

I'm not gonna lie--I do regret finding out. Just a little bit. I have to let go of the image of Danny exclaiming, "It's a _____!" in the delivery room. On the bright side, though, knowing the sex makes this whole awesome thing feel that much more real. We're having a baby! And it's a boy! And I can start buying stuff like a crazy lady now.

Exhibit A. You're welcome, Target.


Alexanda said...

Congrats on finding out about your little boy! You will have so much fun shopping!!

Emmett Katherine said...

Congrats! It's nice to know (even if you regret it a tiny bit) because then it's easier to plan... Even if it means shopping like a crazy lady!

Target has such cute stuff, I wish there was some in Canada.

futurehope said...

awwww fun! congrats! :D

jessica dukes said...

im so excited!!! yay!

KMac said...

Congrats on your little boy! :) I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.

Amanda said...

KMac, you're too kind! <3