Monday, October 29, 2012

17 Weeks = Onion

Today, I'm 17 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and our baby is the size of an onion.

We didn't take our onion photos yesterday because it was rainy and cold out. I've since realized the weather won't be improving anytime soon, so I just dragged Danny out in Hurricane Sandy (or her effects on Cleveland, anyway) for this photoshoot.

Check out that patriotic umbrella!

This week, Onion is putting on some fat. Put on lots of it, Guido. I love a fat baby.

Wind gust!

 I've been feeling great lately, but simmer down, kidneys! I got up to pee 6 times Saturday night. Six times in 8 hours is no joke. Try feeling rested after that.

Even bigger wind gust!

We have an ultrasound tomorrow--our anatomy scan. This is the biggie, where they measure everything, and make sure Onion's growing properly and looking normal. We could also find out if we're dealing with a pee-pee or a hoo-ha, but we're going to (try to) stick to our guns and keep it a surprise.

Biggest wind gust! This is when Danny said, "I'm done!" and ran inside. I should note that my police officer husband left me outside to fend for myself. And remember my patriotic umbrella? He's no longer with us.

Please, God, let this baby be perfect (and let me "accidentally" see a hoo-ha... or even a pee-pee, for that matter). And keep all of my East Coast friends safe during Hurricane Sandy.


WillJogForFood said...

You must be so excited for tomorrow! Good for you for keeping it a surprise...I wouldn't be able to be that patient :)

Apparently on the anatomy scan, alot of things might "look like a boy", but it could be just the umbilical chord or something like that.

futurehope said...

hehehe this is such a great post. YOu can feel the excitement in every word I love it!!! :)

be safe in Sandy!!!!

Amanda said...

Oh, believe me, I'm kind of over this Team Green business. I tried to talk Danny into finding out, but he really, really wants to keep it a surprise. I wanna buy cute clothes, dammit!

And yeah, I won't trust my judgement when it comes to determining the sex, but I'm gonna try. :P

Nicole Main said...

I can't wait for you be feel the baby move for the first time! The most amazing, yet sometimes uncomfortable feeling ever!

Amanda said...

At my appointment today (which I'll update about later!), I learned that I have an anterior placenta. This just means that my placenta is between my belly and the baby, so it acts as a barrier. I won't be able to feel kicking until 22 weeks or so. Booooo.

Nicole Main said...

Well hell! That time will be here before you know it!