Friday, October 12, 2012

Rock My World: A Poll

This fact-gathering mission is very important, and it'll make sense to you sometime next week, I promise. Stay tuned!

Added 10/25:
Since Blogger decided to delete my poll data, here are the results:



Courtney said...

My thinking on rocker/gliders is- they are an investment. You are going to be spending LOTS of time with your sweet baby in that chair, so you want to make sure get the most comfortable one you can get. I also wanted mine to last through several babies (if God is willing) so I wanted something well made. I went with one from Land of Nod and couldn't be happier. It is beautiful (beautiful enough to go in the office after my rocking days are over and not look like nursery furniture) and so comfy and doesnt squeak at all. :) Happy Shopping!!!!

Amanda said...

We're totally on the same page, Courtney. The chair I'm looking at is actually from Land of Nod, too. I want a nice transitional chair that will last forever. Thanks for making me feel a little less crazy for wanting to fork over a fortune. I like your logic--rocking chairs ARE an investment. :)