Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby Celis #2

Today's one of those rough milestones that I'm looking forward to putting behind me. Unfortunately, I have lots of days like this--days that should be very different than they actually are.

Baby Celis #2's estimated due date was October 29th, 2012. Today. My arms feel so empty.

I couldn't wait to bring her home from the hospital in a tiny Halloween costume.

I know she was a girl because a) I dreamt of her a thousand times and b) I bought a newborn ladybug costume 2 years ago (before kids were even on our radar), and I know it was meant for her.

Halloween hurts my heart this year.


Courtney said...

I know the feeling doll. It never gets easier, even when your arms are no longer empty. I help sooth my heart by reminding myself that if I did have either of the babies I lost, I wouldn't have been able to have the baby I have now (I got pregnant with her when I would have still been pregnant with the others.) I don't know if that will help you but it helps me because I can't imagine any other baby than the one I have for my family.

jessica dukes said...

prayers for you friend. our one that we lost was to be due on dec 22. :-(

and happy! i love the onion can blackmail the baby when s/he is a teenager! do you know what i did for you during hurricane sandy?!?