Sunday, October 14, 2012

15 Weeks = Orange

Today, I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and our baby is the size of an orange.

Off to a wedding! (These were taken last night.)

This week, Orange can hiccup, and I can't even handle how adorable that is. S/he's squirming up a storm in there, too, and I can't wait until I can feel movement. Shouldn't be long until I can feel little flutters. Some people even feel them this week!

If this child inherits any of my physical traits, please, God, let it be my eyes. Not that there's anything wrong with Danny's.

As far as symptoms go, I had a decent week--still worse than my first trimester, though. I had one barfy morning that I'm blaming on the Pizza Hut I ate the night before, as well as a few nosebleeds (a very glamorous symptom of pregnancy, caused by an increase in blood volume). I've also been experiencing lower back pain, which freaks me out because I still have 25 weeks of this pregnancy to go. No headaches or heartburn. Still waiting for my exhaustion and nightly bathroom trips to let up, which should happen sometime this trimester.

Still bumpless, but look at that matronly shelf. (And those aren't the most flattering sleeves in the world, eh?)

Lastly, as evidenced in the photo above, my boobs keep growing. I'm getting slightly concerned at this point. What are they going to look like when they're full of milk?? Grotesque, I imagine. I keep reminding myself that they'll make extra comfy pillows for my lucky baby.


Nicole said...

I agree about your eyes. :)

WillJogForFood said...

Happy 15 weeks! I can't wait to feel the flutters too... hopefully we will be feeling those soon :)