Monday, October 8, 2012

14 Weeks = Lemon

Today, I'm 14 weeks, 1 day pregnant, and our baby is the size of a lemon.

This week, Lemon can squint, frown, pee(!), and grasp. I keep imagining him/her grasping Danny's finger for the first time, and it makes my heart soar.

I'm still very tired, but my extreme hunger seems to be subsiding--which I'm thankful for because I've been packing on the pounds way too quickly. Can't blame back fat on my expanding uterus. My heartburn seems to have hit the road, too, hallelujah. 

I do have a strange new symptom, though, aptly named "lightning crotch." One of my friends compares it to being kicked in the privates with a steel-toe boot, and I can't think of a more accurate description. Saturday morning, this phenomenon caught me so off guard--and was so intense--that I actually had to stop dead in my tracks and rub the affected area (even though Danny and I were out running errands). Yowza. 

The things nobody tells you. I can't wait to see what else is in store for me. Seriously. Every weird little symptom or feeling just makes this whole experience that much more real. I'm pregnant! 

This seems random, but it's the perfect week to mention that I totally stole the idea of doing food/baby comparison photos from Carolee Beckham. When I stumbled upon this gem from her blog, I knew I had to copy her:

Photos by Carolee Beckham

I remember thinking that my own lemon pictures were a billion years away, so I'm thrilled to be posting them today.

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