Friday, March 29, 2013

Baby Shower (Long Version)

Once upon a time, in the sunny and beautiful land of Cleveland, Ohio (I'm allowed to take some liberties here), there lived a princess (Can I refer to myself as a princess? Yes? I'll just go all out then!)—a beautiful princess and her handsome prince.

Princess Amanda and Prince Danny

On an especially pretty Sunday in February, their kind, lovely, and talented friend, Melanie the Great, threw them a baby shower, which we'll be referring to as a baby ball from this point forward. This was no ordinary ball, that's for certain. This ball was special.

Melanie the Great!

To understand how overjoyed the prince and princess were at their ball, you first have to understand how brokenhearted they were last year. There was a time when the princess spent her days crying, fearing she'd never have a big belly for her friends to rub, and that she'd never get to attend a ball for her own baby.

The prince and princess would have been thrilled to have even a ho-hum ball. Just the fact that they could have a ball in honor of their own baby was enough to send them over the moon. The ball Melanie the Great hosted, though, was anything but ho-hum.

You see, sweet Melanie the Great realized what a miracle Baby Celis was, so she made sure the celebration in his honor was extra magical. She pulled out all the stops. Every detail was so special, personal, and well thought out.

The venue was perfect, and the decor was gorgeous.

Please note how adorable Princess Amanda and Prince Danny were when they were babies.

The food was beyond delicious.

Even the activities were creative and marvelous—and left the princess with some priceless keepsakes.

For this activity, each guest was given a letter of the alphabet, and they were asked to draw something that starts with their letter. Melanie the Great is compiling these pages into a one-of-a-kind alphabet book for Baby Celis. 

We can't forget to mention the 30 or so wonderful ladies who attended the ball, eager to celebrate Baby Celis.

Arlo, do you understand how many people love you already??

They spoiled him like crazy!

Since the theme of the ball was reading, the guests were given these practical bookmarks (made with love by Melanie the Great, of course) as party favors:

Everybody had so much fun at the ball, and nearly 2 months later, people are still telling the princess that her baby's ball was the most spectacular one they've ever attended.

See how much fun Laura and Renee are having??

The princess can't thank Melanie enough for being there for her during her worst nightmares, and then helping to turn her happy times into a beautiful fairy tale. The princess can't wait to see Melanie cuddle Baby Celis. (In fact, the princess has tears in her eyes right now, just thinking about it. Come out, Arlo! Aunt Melanie needs to cuddle you!)

The End
(And the Beginning)

Melanie the Great is so great that, in addition to butterflies in her tummy and a happy heart, she sent the princess home with this:

Address labels with all of the guests' addresses on them, custom thank-you cards, stamped envelopes with the princess's return address already on them, and sweet heart stickers. How's that for awesome?

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Colleen Garvin said...

It was such a beautiful lovely shower! Prettiest I have ever seen! Little Arlo is surrounded by so much love:)