Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sounds Like a Train

Well, that was a boring appointment, but, like one of my friends just reminded me, boring is good. Since my OB was able to find a strong heartbeat so quickly with her doppler, there was no need for an ultrasound. Waaah. I was really looking forward to seeing what Plum's up to these days.

When I showed my OB exactly where she'd find the heartbeat, she clearly thought I was insane. ("It's pretty early. Are you sure it's the heartbeat your're hearing with your doppler? There are lots of sounds in there."). But there it was, right away--an inch to the left of my freckle.

She told us that the old wive's tale is that if the heartbeat sounds like a train, the baby's a boy, and if it sounds like galloping horses, it's a girl. She said, "Sounds like a train to me." Have I mentioned Danny's convinced this baby's a boy? Well, he is--and this just solidified it for him.

My next appointment is a whoppin' 5 weeks away. (Okay, 4 weeks, 6 days... but who's counting?) I've graduated from being spoiled by my OB, and I'm just a regular ol' patient now. This is probably a good thing, too.

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