Friday, September 7, 2012

9 Weeks, 5 Days: A Milestone

Today's a big deal. I'm officially more pregnant than I've ever been--or ever thought I was. I've been looking forward to this milestone since the beginning of this pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, I thought I'd reached 9w4d, but the poor baby had actually stopped growing at 6 weeks. My second pregnancy was over at 8 weeks.

Today, I'm 9 weeks, 5 days pregnant. Hallelujah.   

We celebrated this happy day by going to Target to pick out a little gift for Olive. This was Danny's first trip to the baby section since my first pregnancy, though--and he got too sad to linger for long. We saw lots of things we'd planned on buying for our first baby, and it hurt me, too. That section used to be so much fun. I remember holding a tiny pair of socks in my hand and imagining our entire perfect future.

Now, the baby section represents a joy--a naivete--that we've been robbed of--feelings that we'll never again get to experience during a pregnancy, and like so many other things in our lives now, it's bittersweet.

I ended up grabbing a pack of bibs--one of which says "worth the wait."

It feels like we've been waiting for a thousand years, but someday, I'll get to watch Danny rock our sweet little baby to sleep--and yep, it'll have been worth it.  

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