Tuesday, September 25, 2012

12 Weeks = Plum

I'm 12 weeks, 2 days pregnant, and our baby is the sized of a plum. In case you weren't aware, plums are gigantic.

This was the best looking plum I could find. Dammit, Giant Eagle.

This week, Plum is developing reflexes, and if s/he were poked, he or she would move. S/he's also opening and closing his/her fingers, and curling his/her toes. (It'll be a lot easier to write about this baby when I know if s/he's a boy or a girl.) Cute! I hope we get to see some of this finger and toe business at our ultrasound appointment tomorrow.

Remember when I had eyes? Yep, I'm just as tired as I look. 

Supposedly, my hormones should be calming down a bit, so my nonexistent morning sickness should disappear--and will probably be replaced by headaches and dizziness. I actually did have the headache from hell on Sunday, and I'd be cool with that being my only one.

Oh, and another symptom. Admittedly, I've always thought food cravings and aversions were stupid and kind of made up, but Danny made a seafood thing for dinner last week, and I had to pick out all the shrimp. I usually love shrimp, but just the thought of eating it made me gag. And it still does. Ewwww, shrimp. I'd love to develop an aversion to cookies and Pop-Tarts--and carbs, in general.

Stay tuned for an ultrasound picture of Plum tomorrow. I'm really happy; this is the first appointment I haven't been poop-my-pants nervous about. I'm sure I'll get butterflies on the way to the doctor's office--and I did have a horrific miscarriage dream last night--but with all of my other appointments, I was a wreck days in advance. Baby steps.


Melanie Hudson said...

can't wait to see the new ultrasound! :D

Melanie Hudson said...

also, i hope you're not having an aversion to raspberries, because it's raspberry season and i think we should pick some.

Amanda said...

I have a coupon for Rosbys!