Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We have a wiggler! Prune was looking nice and healthy today--and was dancing around like crazy. S/he actually did an awesome little dance that reminded me very much of one of Danny's signature (drunken) moves, this one, to be exact:

Minus the drink, of course.
Much to Danny's dismay, I may be referring to this baby as "Guido" from here on out (or at least for the rest of the week. It's cuter than "Prune.") because s/he was fist pumping up a storm. My OB was laughing out loud, and in fact, she's the one who asked, "Is this baby Italian??" This baby actually is 25% Italian (and a million percent loved). Own it, little Guido, own it. 

I didn't cry (happy tears!) until my OB pointed out one of Guido's knees. My baby has knees! S/he may also be a thumbsucker. Already?? What can't this brilliant baby do?

Danny's tears started rollin' as soon as he saw Guido's first wiggle. Man, kid, you couldn't have picked a better daddy.  

This picture isn't very impressive, and I don't even care--it's because Guido's a dancing machine!

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