Friday, November 16, 2012

Little Man

I was afraid I'd have a hard time finding cute clothes for our baby boy because I'm so obsessed with baby girl clothes, but believe me, I'm doing just fine.

This guy already has quite a wardrobe. (Hello, Gap Friends and Family Sale!) I keep telling myself to stop sharing every little thing I buy with Danny because I don't want him to think I'm too out of control--but I'm a sucker for little overalls, so I had to share my latest purchase with him.


Apparently, Danny's a sucker for overalls, too, because he grabbed them out of my hand so he could hold them, and he gasped (a happy gasp!) and said, "Oh, my God! My little man's gonna wear these!"

His little man! So cute I can hardly stand it. In four and a half months, he'll be holding his little man, not just his little man's overalls. He'll be kissing his forehead and rocking him to sleep--and just the thought takes my breath away.


Emmett Katherine said...

That outfit is SO cute! Love the striped onesie. I'm still dying to find out boy or girl but don't you worry I've been scoping out baby stuff and know exactly where to go. Lol.

Have you Checked out Carters? They have really nice baby boy clothes and the prices are decent. They remind me a bit of baby gap (both in style & quality).

WillJogForFood said...

Yay for little boys! Boys clothing has gotten way cuter over the years. I can't wait to start doing some shopping.

Amanda said...

I keep forgetting about carters, and youre so right! I just filled my basket online, and it's taking everything I have not to actually purchase anything. They have a raccoon collection that's really speaking to me. Thanks for the reminder!

Amanda said...

It really has gotten better. What are you waiting for?? Go fill some shopping carts!! :)