Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

I'm not usually a Black Friday shopper, but I couldn't resist Carter's 50%-off-everything, then-20%-off-that-if-you-had-the-right-coupon, then-10%-off-that-if-you-arrived-by-noon sale. Danny actually enjoyed picking a few things out, and I even let him deviate from today's gray and blue color scheme because I love him so much.

So much cuteness!
Happy Black Friday!


futurehope said...


Courtney said...

This should totally count towards your thrifty thursday savings... just saying :)

Amanda said...

Ha! Courtney, that would be breaking the "rules," but I totally wish I could because I got $300 worth of clothes for $110! :D

Emmett Katherine said...

Ahhh I went to the Carters site but it was only the American one that had the 50% off and it had a better selection of stuff. Kinda bummed out about this!

On the other hand you got some really cute clothes for your little guy :)

Amanda said...

Emmett Katherine, that seriously blows! Keep checking their site. They always have really awesome deals (at leasst here), so I bet they'll hook their Canadian friends up soon. :)