Sunday, November 4, 2012

18 Weeks = Sweet Potato

Today, I'm 18 weeks pregnant, and our baby boy(!) should be approximately the size of a sweet potato.

Our boy is jumbo, though, and according to Tuesday's ultrasound, he's actually the size of a 20- or 21-weeker--but we'll just keep going in order here, so things don't get too confusing. Plus, my OB said we most likely caught our baby boy at the tail end of a growth spurt, and she thinks everything will even out soon.

Taken on our anniversary getaway last night. (Today's our first anniversary!)

I've been waiting for this week. Supposedly, baby boy can hear my voice now, which makes me deliriously happy.

I promise to sing to my sweet, wonderful miracle every day from now until he tells me he's too old for his mom to sing to him...and then I'll sing to him some more. I can't wait until he can sing along with me. Even if his singing is as awful as his daddy's (he tries, though, which is what counts!), I know every single note will turn me to mush. (I should mention that Danny is very musical; he can play guitar in a way that can't be learned, and I hope our baby boy inherits this from him.)

Come out, come out, wherever you are, bump! (And what? Don't you have fingers growing out of your neck?)

I've felt spectacular this week. If my biggest problem is nonstop nighttime peeing, then I'm one lucky mama.

Oh, and this is random, but people kept telling me they were having a hard time commenting on my blog. Turns out, it was something to do with cookies and embedding and other things I don't understand--but it should be fixed now, so holla!


futurehope said...

awwww congrats on your anniversary and on your sweet little sweet potato ;)

hehe he's getting so big!!!

WillJogForFood said...

Happy anniversary! If I sing to my baby, it will hate me since my voice is so bad, haha ;)