Tuesday, November 13, 2012

19 Weeks = Mango

Today, I'm 19 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and our baby boy is approximately the size of a mango.

It gets dark at 5:15 now. Depressing.

This week, Mango's brain is hard at work, developing nerve cells for his sense of smell, taste, vision, hearing, and touch. Go, brain, go!

Tiniest bump!

Lately, I've had a little bit of heartburn and congestion, and a whole lot of peeing (including one pretty bad sniss), but overall, I feel great physically. Emotionally, I'm just over the moon. Danny is, too, which puts me even further over the moon--and I gotta say, I like it up here.


Nicole Main said...

Soon you will learn to cross your legs when you sneeze! Don't worry, I sniss all the time lol!

Amanda said...

Ha! Just praying not all my snisses require an underwear change. ;)