Wednesday, December 12, 2012

24 Weeks = Cantaloupe

Today, I'm 24 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and our baby boy is approximately the size of a cantaloupe (or as long as an ear of corn--but I'd rather eat the cantaloupe).

Is this post confusing—you know, since I was supposedly 23 weeks and 1 day pregnant just two days ago? Allow me to explain...

I've mentioned before (like yesterday) that my OB adjusted my due date from April 7th to April 2nd. All hell will break loose a few months from now if I don't change my weekly check-ins to correspond with this date. For example, if I don't make this adjustment, I'll be saying I'm 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant (instead of 40 weeks pregnant) on my due date—April 2nd. We don't want that kind of confusion later.

So I'll just let you be confused now. Are you? I hope not. Anyway, let's do this.

The sun (It was out!) wouldn't let my eyes open any wider than this.

This week, our baby boy's lungs are developing like crazy, which is why he would have a good chance of surviving outside the womb right now if he had to. (Again, stay in there for a few more months, kid.)

All of my symptoms are still very tolerable—like the congestion and nighttime bathroom visits (which only happen once or twice a night now—and sometimes not at all!). This trimester really has been enjoyable.

Oh, and Danny felt Guido's kicks for the first time on Monday night, but I'll let him tell you about that. DANNY!

There! I feel so much better now that my dates are all on track. Whew.

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futurehope said...

yay for moving forward a week! :D

and double yay for lung developement :P