Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nursery Stuff: Paint

I haven't posted much about the nursery yet—mostly because nothing was really done until the last few weeks, but I'm going to start sharing our progress with you.

Let's discuss what was going on with the room before it became the nursery. It was once my gigantic walk-in closet, as well as a catch-all for random things that didn't have a home, like a giant mid-century lamp sporting an Ikea bowl for a hat, as seen below.

Please note the neon coral semi-gloss walls (I wish I could say I had nothing to do with this), disgusting indoor/outdoor carpeting ("indoor/outdoor" actually just means "outdoor," and no, I can't be blamed for this one), and ugly, dated brown woodwork.

Lovely, right? Obviously, we had a lot of work to do before we could even think about getting to the fun stuff.

We started by emptying the room, and having the carpet removed and the original hardwood floors refinished—which I know I've mentioned before because I'm so in love.

Dancing dog.

Then, it was time to choose a paint color. Oh, Lordy, that was a chore. I had a few paint samples left over from when I tried to choose a gray for our upstairs bedroom 2 years ago (I gave up), and I ordered a couple more just to be sure I had enough to choose from.

All four walls looked like this for a few days:

The samples are (top row, left to right) Benjamin Moore Gray Horse, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray, Sherwin Williams Ellie Gray, and Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray.

The second row is comprised of the same colors (minus Ellie Gray because I immediately deemed it too dark), from initial favorite to least favorite (Stonington Gray, Coventry Gray, Gray Owl, Gray Horse).

In the end, I decided Coventry Gray and Gray Horse were too dark, and Gray Owl was too light and greenish in certain light—so that left me with Stonington Gray, and I went for it.

Well, I made Danny go for it, I mean.

Admittedly, as soon as Danny had one wall done, I wished I'd gone with something on the warmer end of the spectrum, because Stonington Gray looks very blue at certain times of day. I like it, but I can't say I love it—and it's not exactly what I had in mind. Gray's tough.

When that was done, we painted the woodwork white and put a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling. This is as much as I'm going to show you right now, though:

Stay tuned for the crib update!


Colleen Garvin said...

I think that color looks awesome.Once you put in all decor and furniture it will look LOVELY !!!!! Cannot wait to see it. Oh and if you need help doing anything please call.Are you doing a decal at all?

Amanda said...

Thanks, Colleen! It's growing on me. I'm not sure what we're doing above/behind/whatever the crib yet. I should probably figure that out soon, huh? :)

WillJogForFood said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see how it all turns out :)