Tuesday, January 29, 2013

31 Weeks = Pineapple

Today, I'm 31 weeks pregnant, and our baby boy is approximately the size of a pineapple.

It's nice out again. This winter is hilarious.

By now, all 5 of Pineapple's senses are in working order, and his irises even react to light. Speaking of eyes, in my post about our elective 3D ultrasound, I forgot to mention that Danny's mom actually asked the tech when the baby's eyeballs would come in. She was serious. I don't know how the tech kept a straight face when she answered, "He already has them..."

Anyway, I've been living in Heartburn City lately. I'm also getting tired earlier in the evenings, but I haven't been sleeping very well. Overall, though, I still can't complain!

Bonus: because the lighting in this week's fruit comparison photos is so crappy, Edgar and I decided to have a quick photoshoot.

I gave up on his uncooperative ass. (I love the shadow of my belly in this one.)


Miss Bee said...

OK-- first of all, I didn't know you had another dog...... Edgar is ENORMOUS. What do you feed that boy?! Second- you are totally adorable. Fo realz. And I love love love those curtains.

The Books said...

I really do love the gray curtains more than the aqua ones in the previous post.

And hilarious about your mother in-law asking when the eyeballs will come in. They aren't testicles! :)

Amanda said...

Thanks, The Books! And you hardly notice they're not actually a pair, right? Maybe? :P

And hahaha @ the testicles comment! :D

Emmett Katherine said...

Ummmm your cat is HUGE!! I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't another type of animal!!! Wow.

I'm heartburn city too and growing more and more uncomfortable, I am trying not to go on mat leave early!

Emmett Katherine said...

Also I live the curtains too!

Kate said...

Edgar is AWESOME. Is he a Maine Coon, or just a big boy? Growing up, I had a big ole teddy-bear cat named Schubert. He could stand up and open doorknobs. Now I have a little cat; I had hoped for another behemoth but it's so nice to have what is basically a perma-kitten.

Your watermelon is lucky to have such nice furry big brothers. :)

Amanda said...

Kate, I swear he's a Maine Coon, but he doesn't have the trademark M on his forehead. Whatever he is, "behemoth" is a good description. :P

We also have a perma-kitten named Maynard, and we actually refer to him as a perma-kitten on a regular basis. :)