Tuesday, January 8, 2013

8-Pound Prediction

We had a growth scan today, at 28 weeks. As always, Guido danced around, moving every muscle in his body, making it very difficult for the ultrasound tech to get the measurements she needed. She had me flipping all over the place to get better views of him, and Danny snapped this picture of me when I was on my side:

True love.

It was really neat to have the tech show me, on my belly, what parts of our baby are where. Most of the movement I feel is down low, and it's from his fat little rump wiggling around. Oh, and I knew that was his head way off to my left side.

Anyway, Guido's perfect. He's weighing in at a whoppin' 2lb 12oz, putting him in the 56th percentile—or 5 days ahead of our April 2nd due date. Large, but not too large. My OB predicts he'll be an 8-pounder, so it'll be interesting to see how accurate her guess is.

She also mentioned that she's not very confident that he'll flip to the head-down position. She said that while he does have time to do so, she doesn't see it happening because he's been in the same position from the get-go, and this usually means the baby is super comfortable and content where he is—so he stays there. If Guido's still breech at 36 weeks, we'll schedule a Cesarean birth for the end of March. You have 8 weeks to flip, baby boy! Flip, flip, flip!   

Staying true to his nickname with some nice fist-pumping (and looking adorable while he's at it). Work it, Guido!

It's January. I can't believe I could be holding this boy in my arms in March. And I'm fully prepared to receive a few black eyes because those magnificent little fists just won't quit.


WillJogForFood said...

That's awesome! Hope he flips :) I won't get another ultrasound until 36 weeks to estimate size/position. We will see what happens!

Erica said...

Very cute picture showing off that arm muscle. One of my friends had luck going to the chiropractor to get her baby to flip. Not really sure how it works or what was done, but just thought I'd throw it out there.

Amanda said...

Erica, my doctor said she doesn't like to "make" babies flip, because there's usually a reason they're in the position they're in. She did say she'll give me some exercises to do at my next appointment that will possibly get him to flip. I bet he won't. I think he's a stubborn baby. :)

Erica said...

That's true. I need to look it up just because I'm curious how it works. Maybe he'll surprise you :)