Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nursery Stuff: Crib and Bedding

The crib is officially put together and is chilling in the nursery, looking adorable.

As much as I wanted this crib:

Oeuf Original Crib

...I couldn't quite get down with the $1,000 price tag (That kind of crazy is reserved for rocking chairs, apparently.), so I was pretty thrilled when I discovered WalMart's Baby Mod Olivia Crib, which costs $299, has tons of amazing reviews, and looks like this:

Stock Photo. They need to rethink the bedding they have on this thing.

Pretty similar, right? I knew it was the one. That is, until we had our floors refinished. I'm insane and didn't think the amber-toned wood would (wood would!) look right against the floor. I wasn't opposed to the idea, but I wanted another option.

One of my wonderful friends found this, Target's Babyletto Madison Crib:

I definitely preferred the espresso wood and the even cheaper ($249!) price tag, but it didn't have hundreds of good reviews like the Olivia. Well, I did a little research and learned that they're the same crib. They're both made by the parent company MDB, only one is made specifically for WalMart's Baby Mod line and one is made for Target's Babyletto line.

I ordered it, and it arrived in just a few days. Unfortunately, it sat in the dining room in a giant box for a whole week while we finished painting. I was dying to see it put together. Finally, it was time! 

Hey, Handsome, when you're done putting that crib together, howsabout washing that nasty window?

I have to say, I definitely made the right decision. I adore the Madison. 

The espresso is showing up as black in most of my nursery photos, so this close-up should give you a better idea of the actual color:

Birch Tree Pillow: Emilydove via Society 6; Monogram Pillow: West Elm; Owl: Pier 1

That bedding's pretty great, don't you think? I ordered it from Modifiedtot on Etsy, and I'm in love with it. The shop owner, Holly, is a pleasure to do business with, and my custom order arrived in 2.5 weeks. She accidentally swapped the fabrics I'd chosen for the sheet and the skirt, though, and she was very apologetic when I let her know. She was willing to expedite my new set, but I'm considering the swap a happy accident, because I couldn't possibly like anything more than I like this. I'd order from her again in a heartbeat. (In fact, I just ordered a few more things from her last night.)

Of course. (Excuse the blurry cell phone photo.)

So there you have it! The crib! 

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