Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Baby, Strong Heart

Yep, Raspberry's just as cute as I suspected! Today was our 8 week, 3 day ultrasound, and my OB said she'd tell us everything she knew, as soon as she knew it because she understood I was on the verge of having a stroke. Less than a second after turning on the machine, she said, "Big baby, strong heart." What a beautiful sentence.

Raspberry's measuring right on track with a glorious heart rate in the 170s. For the first time this pregnancy, my happiness outweighs my fear (even if just by a smidgen). I know the anxiety will never entirely go away, but at least I can breathe again.

I'm not sure how well versed you are in ultrasound pictures, but this one is pretty fantastic for 8w3d.
Flipped sideways to better show that MY BABY HAS A FACE! Also, try to ignore that it says 8w6d on the picture. I totally wish that were the case, but we're definitely 8w3d.
Now, keep growing, Baby Celis! We love you so, so much.

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futurehope said...

so sweet! that is a FABULOUS ultrasound pic!!!