Friday, August 24, 2012

First Baby Purchase

Our first baby item arrived in the mail yesterday. I'm not even 8 weeks pregnant yet.

Most people are fortunate enough not to really comprehend the significance of those two sentences, but many of my fellow loss mamas wouldn't dream of buying cute baby stuff so early in their pregnancies. There are few things more heartbreaking than having to fill a box with cute stuffed animals and itty-bitty shoes--and stash it somewhere safe, where you can't accidentally see it.

I'm doing my best to treat this pregnancy differently than my last one--which I tried not to even think about because I didn't want to get too attached. (Like that's even possible.) I'm going to live like an expectant mother who hasn't had the stars ripped from her sky. Whether this baby's with me for just 100 more heartbeats (God forbid) or 100 years (Please, God), I will celebrate every single second of his or her life.

I'm gonna buy so much cute shit (for 100 years).

First Purchase for Blueberry:  Decoylab Hedgehog Clock

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