Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Two-Month Checkup

We had Arlo's 2-month checkup today. He's 12lb 3oz and 22.5", putting him in the 68th percentile for weight and the 39th percentile for height. I thought Dr. Robbins would tell us he's a tub of lard, but she said that babies actually should be in a higher percentile for weight than for height. His noggin is still growing steadily and is in the 79th percentile, which she wasn't at all concerned about, either. This kid better be a genius.

Dr. Robbins got to witness Arlo "standing" while leaning against our chests. She told us most babies haven't perfected this until they're around 4 months old, so that was fun to hear. See? He is a genius!

The most memorable part of the checkup was obviously the vaccinations. Danny and I started getting nervous about them last night, and right before the shots, I actually had butterflies (the bad kind, of course) in my stomach. Arlo was in the happiest mood he's been in since God knows when, and I hated that his happy day was about to be ruined.

Nervous Mama (don't mind those) and poor, unsuspecting Arlo

If I never hear Arlo wail like that again, it'll be too soon. Unfortunately, I'll probably hear it again at his 4-month checkup. Too bad he's too young for an ice cream cone. (Good thing I'm not.)

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WillJogForFood said...

Arlo is so cute! Wyatt has his 2 month in 2 weeks and I'm already nervous about the shots :/