Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy One Month: A Letter to Arlo

Dear Arlo,

You're one calendar-month old today, which completely blows my mind. Part of me wishes time would stop and I could keep you my tiny brand-new boy forever, but another part of me can't wait to catch more glimpses of your personality, to learn who you are and what makes you happy.

Since you spend the majority of your time eating and sleeping right now, we don't know a ton about you. We do know that you love looking at the birch trees on the wall in your room, the mobile on your swing, and the curtains in the living room. When you're upset and we can't figure out what you need, your daddy holds you up to the curtains, and you stare in amazement, and all your troubles melt away. I hope all of your problems are this easy for us to fix.

You also enjoy being groomed. You live for baths, massages, and having your hair brushed. Apparently, you love Eskimo kisses, too, because that's how your daddy got your very first real smile out of you at 3 weeks and 6 days, and let me tell you, your smile is absolutely breathtaking.

You're adorable, Arlo. Everybody who sees you comments on your awesome head of hair, and then they usually remark that you look just like your daddy—and you do; I didn't know cowlicks and hair swirls were hereditary until I had you. I see myself in your face as well, though (that's totally my nose, chin, and jawline), and as time goes by, more and more people are seeing it, too.

Every single thing you do melts my heart—your long yawns that you usually follow up with a few lip smacks, the way you throw your hands in the air when something startles you, how you look into my eyes when I'm feeding you... Even when you're crying, you're cute; you make a hyper-exaggerated frowny face that makes us laugh out loud every single time, even when it's four in the morning and we're wishing like crazy you'd just go back to sleep.

As much as we enjoy your alert times, your daddy and I love to watch you sleep. Once in a while, you'll stir and coo, and we'd give anything to know what you're dreaming of. I pray that all of your dreams are happy ones.

You have a lot of fans. I've written 80 thank-you notes to friends and family who've brought or sent us gifts or dinner, and we've had more visitors this month than we can count. Your grandma thinks you're the greatest thing since... well, since your daddy, I suppose—and I couldn't agree more. I'm the luckiest lady in the world to have you guys.

Your daddy and I are just so smitten with you. Your first week home, he commented that our house looks good with a baby in it, and he's right. You're what was missing. We have everything now. There's so much love here that I can't believe our little house can contain it all.

I love you, I love you, I love you,

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jessica dukes said...

he is SOOO sweet! so sweet!