Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reflux Update

Last night, we started giving Arlo the prescription to treat his infant reflux, and this little collage basically sums up the majority of our day:

He's very obviously feeling better already. Danny and I keep saying, "We have our baby back!" He's sleeping more soundly, smiling more often, and just seems more comfortable. His temperament did a 180 overnight, which makes me wonder how many smiles we've missed out on these last couple of weeks. Would he have been giggling by now? He'd smile for us before, but not nearly as often as he has been today. Now, all we have to do to coax a smile is smile at him. There's no doubt that this kid loves his mommy and daddy. 

I'm not saying today's been perfect. He still has periods where he's clearly in pain, and now that I know what's going on, every whimper breaks my heart.

The nurse practitioner told us the prescription could take 4 days or so to really kick in, so I'm really pleased with this progress. We're almost there, Arlo!


Anonymous said...

My guy has reflux too!! It started at about 6-7 weeks or so. We tried Zantac, then Prevacid and finally Protonix. We also paired that up with Enfamil AR since it was a thicker formula and he is still on that. He will be 7 mos on the 25th, and has been off all meds since April. It was really awful but once it was under control, he was sooooo happy!! I can still hear him reflux, but not as often and it doesn't seem to bother him much. I hope sweet Arlo gets some relief soon!


Nicole Main said...

OMG! How is it possible for him to get even more adorable overtime I see his picture?!(which isn't nearly enough) More pictures!!!!

Amanda said...

Katie, Zantac is what Arlo's currently taking, and I'm glad to hear that if it doesn't do the trick, there are other options. Thanks for the Enfamil tip, too! We have to supplement my breastmilk with fomula, and we've definitely noticed that the Similac Sensitive Stomach was making things WORSE because it's thinner. We switched back to the regular, and there's been a huge difference.

So glad your boy is better!

jessica dukes said...

glad he is feeling better, looks like he's happy to me!