Friday, May 24, 2013

Bathtime with Guido

We really look forward to bathtime around here. Arlo's most relaxed when he's in the water, especially when it trickles down his face. The first time we bathed him, I expected him to scream bloody murder when it ran into his eyes, but he loved it. He's super chill once he's dry and dressed, and typically falls asleep shortly thereafter.

Buddha Belly / Drying Off / Yeeaaah, Buddy! / Awesome Hair 

Danny and I love bathing him, too. It's nice to see him so content, and we get to stare at his ridiculous belly and play with his amazing hair. Plus, the kitchen sink looks so much cuter filled with little fat rolls than dirty dishes. 


Emmett Katherine said...

I can't get over how much hair Arlo has! My child... Has way less lol. Babies love bath time, it's so cute to see how happy they get when they're in the warm water :)

jessica dukes said...

that HAIR! i love it!!!