Monday, May 13, 2013

6 Weeks

Arlo is six weeks old today, which means my maternity leave is half over, and Danny goes back to work in two weeks...but let's not think about that.

Arlo is a smilin' fool these days. He does lots of cute coos, but his only real giggle happened when he was sleeping. He's especially happy in the morning, which is strange, considering he clearly has no concept of night and day, assuming his sleep "schedule" is any indication.

He's all over the place when it comes to sleep, and Danny and I never know what kind of night we can expect. We're probably partly to blame for this, because we haven't attempted to put him on any kind of schedule. I know routine is good for babies, but we feed him when he's hungry, and we let him sleep when he falls asleep. Maybe I should read a book on this baby stuff or something.

Pretty smile / Cuddles with Scooter / Hangin' with Mama on Mother's Day / Napping with Daddy

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and as blessed as I felt to be spending the day with my sweet boy, my heart was heavy. I couldn't help but think of my lost babies and how broken I felt last year, of all my friends who are still waiting for their miracles, and of how painful the day is for those who never got their turn. I don't think I'll ever love the holiday.

Danny made my day special, though. He made brunch reservations, but I really just wanted to stay home and enjoy snuggles, so we ordered a pizza and watched a movie instead. It was awesome. I gave Arlo extra kisses for holding off until April 1st to be born—because April's birthstone is diamond—and I adore my new necklace. Nice work, boys.


Melanie Hudson said...

what a cutie!
in fact, all y'all are cuties!

Scott & Jessica said...

Reading your feelings on Mother's Day make me feel like someone really gets it. Thanks. I am so happy you have your tiny little baby to hold and I'm 100% jealous of you but in a good way. I want good things to happen to good people and you are truly a good person. Your empathy is amazing. Thank you.

jessica dukes said...

arlo, danny and amanda are awesome. the end.

Emmett Katherine said...

Arlo is so cute and you look great girl! 12 weeks of maternity leave? that is such a short amount of time, I know that's standard in the US but it seems kind of crazy!!

I think our babies are too young for a schedule but I've read and I've been trying to do this so Tavi knows that night time is for sleep and daytime is for awake, at night when she wakes up to eat we do minimal interaction, talk quiet, keep things short and sweet. in the day we sing, talk keep the windows open so the sun shines in and have lots of noise (TV/music. I hope it works!


I am not really sure what to say (I hope I don't say the wrong thing), but I want to acknowledge your feelings about mothers day, I understand how it will always sting because of your other little bebe.