Saturday, August 24, 2013

Citrus Lane Box #4

Our fourth Citrus Lane box arrived the other day, and it was a pleasant surprise, as usual. 


This month's box contains a couple of nods to the start of a new school year, despite the fact that it's still a few years off for Arlo. Its contents include Cleo's Alphabet Book from Barefoot Books, a Little Stacker from Rich Frog, a bottle strap from Ah Goo Baby, sanitizing wipes from CleanWell that are made for hands and faces, a few samples of diaper rash cream from Weleda, and a trial offer for another monthly subscription service, FabKids—which starts at size 2T and isn't relevant to us.  

Here's a better image of the bottle strap, since you can' tell what it is in the first photo.

As awesome as it was to get a box of goodies in the mail, this was probably the most underwhelming box for us so far. A couple of the items, like the bottle strap and the stacker, are too "old" for Arlo right now—but I imagine they'll come in handy a few months from now. Citrus Lane seems to send some kind of diaper rash ointment every month, so we definitely have enough of this—especially since my lucky boy never has a red bottom.

Books are always a good thing, though, so I was happy to receive that. My favorite item this month is definitely the container of sanitizing wipes. We use wipes like this daily—gotta keep Arlo's little hands clean since he and Scooter both enjoy eating them. This container is packaged more conveniently than our typical pack of Boogie Wipes, and I'll probably purchase more when this container is gone.

I love that Citrus Lane introduces me to items I may not have stumbled upon otherwise, like this month's wipes or last month's Aden + Anais burpy bib—which I couldn't help but buy more of.

Love 'em!


Emmett Katherine said...

people keep telling me baby's tend to start getting diaper rash when they start eating solid food and juices. we haven't had any issues either with diaper rash yet, thank goodness!

Amanda said...

Em--I've never heard that, but it does make sense. I'll hold onto these samples!