Monday, August 5, 2013

18 Weeks

Arlo is 18 weeks old today (not 18 months, like this blog stated about 4 minutes ago; thanks, Katy!), and we had his 4-month appointment this morning. The nurse practitioner thinks he might be waking up so often in the night because his reflux is burning his tummy, so she upped his dosage of Zantac. I'm hoping so hard that this is our solution.

Arlo is 16lbs 11oz and 24 1/2" long, putting him in the 80th and 31st percentiles, respectively. His giant noggin is in the 88th percentile. None of this comes as a surprise to us, though. We knew he was a fat little chunk with a big head. We also learned that he's begun the teething process, which does come as a surprise to us. The nurse practitioner says he should have a couple teeth within 6 weeks. He's going to look stinking adorable with them, but I'm a little sad he has to teethe so early. Not looking forward to watching my sweet boy go through that.

Oh, and shots still suck. Our poor little crybaby bawled hysterically—just like he did after his 2-month shots. Danny and I didn't cry like we did last time (okay, maybe there were a few tears), but the experience pretty much ripped our hearts out again.

Before shots. 

We had family photos taken yesterday morning, and of course the happiest baby in the world wouldn't smile. And wouldn't you know it—he was all smiles as soon as we got home from the session. He looks content in the two sneak peeks that Brittany Graham sent over last night, but he's still totally grounded.

No other big news. We're taking a break from the oatmeal for a couple months because it didn't do any good anyway. I'll enjoy not having to mess with it for a while. It was more of a hassle than I'd imagined.

Arlo still lives for his bouncy chair, only he enjoys playing with his feet while he's in it as much as he likes playing with the hangy toys. He'll be sticking those adorable tootsies in his mouth any day now.

A random photo that I find hilarious.


Katy G. said...

I know you meant 18 weeks ;)
He is adorable!

Amanda said...

Thank you, Katy! I like that I typed "months" in both the title and the post. Good grief. :P

Emmett Katherine said...

man, poor Arlo and his reflux, I hope the new/increased prescription helps. Shots are the worst, not looking forward to the 4 month ones at all.

The photos, I laughed because I can relate because tavi is the happiest little girl but once that camera comes out its serious face mode. that last pic - what.a.cutie!