Monday, August 19, 2013

20 Weeks

Arlo is 20 weeks old today, and this past week was full of firsts for him.

First, he finally rolled his fat little butt over on Thursday. I'd imagined that when he finally did this, there would be lots of grunting involved—but that wasn't the case at all. As soon as I put him on the floor for tummy time, he lifted his left arm up, and bam! Before I even realized what was happening, he was on his back. I think he only did it so he could get to his feet, which have become his best friends.

Just seconds after rolling over for the first time.

Next, he slept through the night last night! Holy crap. He's been sleeping better for the last couple weeks—"only" getting up twice most nights—and I think it must be due to the higher dosage of his reflux medication. This is proof that he was most likely miserable every night—so I feel like crap for letting him suffer for so long—but I'm thrilled he's apparently feeling better. I can't wait to see if last night was a freak thing, or if our boy really has turned over a new leaf. This could be life changing.

Lastly, Arlo went on his first road trip. We made the 10-hour round-trip trek to Michigan on Saturday to visit his cousins.

Ready for his trip!
15 minutes in.
A few hours in.

He was such a good boy. He slept most of the way there and back, and while we were there, he was the sweetest little man. He got to swing for the very first time, which was adorable. The swing was barely moving, but judging by his reaction, he was soaring.  He kept widening his eyes and saying, "Oh!" I could hardly stand the cuteness. 

Hardly moving.
Tire swing with Mama.
Tire swing with Daddy. (At least Arlo's looking at the camera. There's no tellin' what Danny's up to.)

He didn't bat an eye as he was passed from person to person—and we were there for 5 1/2 hours, and he remained content the whole time. I'm so proud to be his mommy.    

The ride home.


Colleen Garvin said...

He is so precious! I am glad he is getting use of the activity mat :) What a great and content baby you guys have.....We need to hang out so Arlo can teach Olivia a thing or two! I cannot get over how adorable he is....

Amanda said...

Colleen--we use the mat almost every day! We love it!

Katy G. said...

Way to go for sleeping through the night, Arlo! Amanda, he is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!

KMac said...

I love the photo of him holding his feet. :) Our Samuel is also obsessed with his toes right now! Yay for getting a full night's rest, for both of you! Hopefully that's becomes your new normal.

Melanie Hudson said...

little dude is so cute :D
i love how he grasps on to the tire swing ropes - like he's done that a million times!