Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nursery Stuff: CHAIR!!

Well, it just so happens that my 100th blog post (!!) is a super exciting one. Okay, maybe I kind of planned it that way, but still.

Remember this post, where I explained how important a sturdy, well-made, beautiful chair is to me—and admitted I'd be splurging in this department? Well, in case you don't feel like revisiting the post, here's the chair I claimed I'd be buying: 

Monte Joya Rocker

I tried to talk myself out of it last month. I really, really did. The $1k price tag was just so hard to swallow. Then, somebody warned me that rockers slide all over the place, so gliders are the way to go. Then, I happened upon a reviewer who complained that the chair was too narrow to comfortably accommodate a nursing pillow and too short to allow her to rest her head against the back .  

Unfortunately, the nearest store that carries the chair is 7 hours away, so we couldn't go check it out for ourselves. I'm crazy, but not crazy enough for that kind of drive. Instead, we contacted the only store in Ohio that carries the brand (not the specific chair), and learned that they carry the Grano Glider, which is basically the glider version of the Joya Rocker, as far as appearance and dimensions are concerned.

As luck would have it, the store is only a half hour or so away from us, so we headed on over to give the glider a test drive.

Danny chilling in the glider and loving it. 

In short, we were blown away. Yes, it's small, and for larger people, it would be a problem. It's perfect for us, though, and while it may not look like it in the photo above, the back of the chair is the perfect height for us to rest our heads against. I was almost sold on the glider, but I didn't want to spend the rest of my life wishing I'd just gone with my dream rocker.

I contacted Land of Nod, and they told me that if I ordered the Joya Rocker and wasn't satisfied, they'd send a truck to pick it up and return it, free of charge. I'd only be out my original shipping fee of $90. Sold.

I decided to go with the heather gray, though, because I couldn't help but think the charcoal gray would be covered in white spit-up and all kinds of lovely things that the lighter gray could better mask. 

Anyway, here she is in Guido's nursery: 


I removed a couple of items from the scene, because I don't want to show you too much nursery at once. 
I repeat: OMG.

We try to keep the door shut, but if it's ever open for any reason, this is surely happening:

I knew Edgar would try to steal this chair from me.

And when Edgar isn't in the chair, Maynard is, and I was lucky enough to catch him mid-yawn for you tonight.
Judging by this picture, you'd never know that he's the cutest cat in the world.

Admittedly, the rocker does slide around a bit, and I think I'll have to find some kind of little rug to put under it. I know the charcoal would have looked even better in the room, but I think the heather gray was the way to go. This chair is gorgeous—and extremely comfortable—and I can't wait to rock our baby boy to sleep in it.

Oh, and I'll be amazed if I ever regret spending $1,000 on this sucker. 


Nicole said...

Love the color -it's perfect !

KMac said...

Love it! That is a beautiful chair. :) We splurged on ours too and I don't regret it for a second.

Unknown said...

Hi there - wondering how comfortable you find this chair after baby arrived , nursing etc? We are contemplating purchasing it!

Thank you

Amanda said...

I love this chair! It doesn't feel like a cloud to sit on our anything (I'm sure there are lots of chairs that are much cushier), but it's definitely comfortable, and I'm glad I bought it!