Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Six Months: A Letter to Arlo (By Danny)

Little Man,

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months; six glorious months of being a happy little family.

You’re a radiant, giggly, mop-topped bundle of energy. There’s rarely a time when you’re not smiling, and consequently, there’s rarely a time when we’re not smiling, either. You're especially happy in the morning. Whenever I get the chance to see you wake up after I’ve worked all night, your sweet smile makes me forget how tired I am. 

We had your six-month pictures taken last weekend, and Brittany, the photographer, commented that you have the most beautiful and animated smile she's ever seen and that even your eyes look happy. When a professional photographer says that, I can’t help but think it’s true. I have never seen a more gorgeous child. Every day, I tell your mother that you’re the best-looking baby I’ve seen in my life, and I mean it. We took you to the park for your pictures, and as usual, you lit up as soon as we got you in a swing. All smiles. 

It's incredible how much you’ve learned to do in six months. You laugh, coo, make consonant noises like “ghee,” “bee,” and “boo.” You can sit up, you can hold your own bottle, and you’ve got amazing hand/eye coordination and can guide anything directly into your mouth or slam it onto the floor. You still have some episodes of gagging and spitting up, but your reflux has improved a lot over the last month. A couple months ago, we could only dream of getting even three consecutive hours of sleep, but you sleep through the night now.

You love your dog. You think he’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. Scooter loves you, too. As crazy and wild as he is, he somehow knows to be gentle with his little buddy. Sometimes you’ll just be sitting in your bouncy seat, and Scooter will walk by, sniff the top of your head, and give you a single lick just to let you know he loves you.

The other day, we had to buy you some new clothes. While we were in the store, I held you in my arms while Mommy looked for some nice things for you to wear (Mommy insists that you be a stylish baby). While we were walking by a display of stuffed animals, you reached out and grabbed one. You'd just picked out your first toy, so of course I had to buy it for you.

We also had to put some of your old baby clothes into storage. It’s amazing how fast you’ve grown and how many of the cute outfits we bought for you no longer fit. I teared up as I looked at each onesie and sleep 'n play, one by one. I can remember you wearing every single one of those outfits, and it made us sad that you’re growing up so fast.

There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t bring your mommy and me joy. When I’m at work, I video chat with you and Mommy. Crime and traffic tickets can wait while I adore my beautiful wife and son. You’re only six months old, but I swell with pride every time I see or think about you. You’ve made me the proudest father in the world, and I keep saying that if you were the only legacy that I left to the world, if you were the only proof that I ever existed, then I will have had a life well lived.

I love you,


Nicole said...

I am such a cry baby for your blog...but when your husband writes a post it's an all out cry fest. Xoxoxo what a happy loved boy Arlo is ! It was the clothes comment and the legacy...

Colleen Garvin said...

Such Beautiful Words! You really are such a lovely family <3