Monday, September 30, 2013

26 Weeks

Arlo is 26 weeks old today—officially half a year! I found myself doing math problems last night—like "OMG, only one more of those, and he'll be one!" and "OMG, only 35 more of those, and he'll be 18!"—and I really started to blow my own mind. 

Lots to report this week. First, Arlo's still sleeping like a champ. If we keep him awake until 9, he'll sleep until 6:30 or so—but he seems to be a bigger fan of 8-5:30, which isn't ideal—but we're well aware that there are much worse scenarios. We've kept up the bouncy-seat-in-the-crib thing, and I hope his reflux is long gone before he outgrows his bouncy seat, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. Danny left the room while Arlo was playing the other day and came back to this scene:

I have no idea why there's a hanger in the middle of the floor. 

Needless to say, we started actually buckling him into it at night. 

Second, a bottom tooth worked its way through a couple of days ago, which was quite a shock to Danny and me since we didn't even know Arlo was teething. What a badass. There isn't enough tooth showing to get a picture yet, but it shouldn't be long. I don't know if he does it for relief or entertainment, but he can't keep his fingers or tongue away from that crazy new sharp thing in his mouth. I can't keep my finger off it, either. My baby has a tooth!

Third, I keep forgetting to mention that Arlo's been sitting up really well for a few weeks now. I don't like to let him chill this way on the floor yet because he still randomly decides to topple over once in a while (I won't talk about the time I let him bash his skull on the hardwood floor.)—so most nights, we practice sitting up in his crib, and apparently, I can't get enough photos of this. 

Cute man boobs. 

I can't even caption this.

This is the most hilarious outfit Grammy has ever sent him home in. When we later told her that it's a girl outfit, she said, "But it's blue!"

And here he is sitting up in the whale tub:

And with his best buddy:

Lastly, one of my favorite moments this week was when we were all at Carter's, and Arlo reached out and grabbed a toy off a shelf. His softy daddy couldn't help but buy it for him, and he kept saying, "That's the first toy he picked out himself!" I've never been much of a hoarder, and I always say that memories go in my head, not all over my house—but I can totally see how people end up saving boxes and boxes of things from their kids' childhoods. Lord knows my list of must-keeps is growing, and you can bet your ass that crazy orange toy will still be in my possession when Arlo has kids of his own.

A glimpse of the crazy orange toy. Also, that gorilla was the first thing Danny picked out when we found out there was a baby boy in my belly. (I think he's too big to keep forever, so that's one memory that'll have to stay in my head.)


Jessica said...

Man boobs!! lol

Colleen Garvin said...

He is beautiful!

We really need to get together!Maybe a weekend brunch date?

Olivia misses her buddy!