Monday, October 14, 2013

28 Weeks

Arlo is 28 weeks old, and he's incredible.

Can't even handle that cheesin' grin.

This week, we put a bucket on his head, and he was a very good sport.

Glad his belly covers his boy bits.

He chewed on everything in sight and sprouted his second tooth.

He won't eat sweet potatoes, but he'll gnaw on a sock.

Rosy cheeks from teething.

We went to a local farm to feed some animals and pick out a pumpkin.

Arlo couldn't take his eyes off that guy. 

He found the pumpkins highly entertaining and was actually laughing at them.

And he smiled a lot and took my breath away a thousand times.

Such a Danny outfit.


Katy G. said...

Arlo is so cute it hurts! I love all the pics this week! I cracked up at the way he was checking out the goat. I think he needs one in his backyard (I'm sure your neighbors won't mind)

Nicole said...

I thought my kid smiled a lot but man Arlo that huge smile is just so awesome !

Kristin said...

You're actually able to take that cutie out in public without getting mobbed?! =)