Tuesday, July 23, 2013

365 Days

365 days ago, I got a positive pregnancy test, and—well, you know the story—I lay awake in bed for hours on end, waiting for Danny to come home from work so I could share our happy news by saying to him, "Kiss your baby and tell him to stay in there and grow big and strong."

I started this blog while I waited for Danny to come home that night, having no idea what direction it would take. I didn't know if I'd lose the pregnancy and end up with an infertility blog, or if I'd actually get to document my third pregnancy, from pregnancy test to delivery. I did know that I was going share everything until, come hell or high water, I got my miracle.

A million prayers, hopes, tears, laughs, kicks; the loss of "Twin A;" and 8 months, 6 days later, Arlo was born. One of my first thoughts upon seeing him was that he possessed the beauty of all 3 of his lost siblings, and somehow, he's gotten more gorgeous every day. I love my little miracle with a ferocity I can't explain.

And I feel blessed beyond measure that this is what I'm posting a mere 365 days after starting this blog.

What a year.

And thank you for coming along for the ride.


Nicole said...


Scott & Jessica said...

Thanks for letting us come along!

I just want to moozie that little boy! Adorable!

Emmett Katherine said...

what a beautiful post (and little boy). I'm so glad I discovered your blog, it's been nice to read about your pregnancy and motherhood journey, especially since our due dates were so close together.

jessica dukes said...

he gets cuter and cuter! love this!