Monday, July 8, 2013

14 Weeks

Arlo is 14 weeks old today, and Danny had to leave us last night to attend a mandatory week-long, out-of-town cop seminar. You can imagine how thrilled we are about this. Suffice it to say that, while I hate to wish any second with Arlo away, I hope this week flies by. This single mom business is really, really hard.   

Spending time with Danny before he left for Columbus. 

Anyway, Arlo was a social butterfly this weekend. We went to a 4th of July barbecue and our friends' daughter's first birthday party, and he enjoyed being passed around from person to person. I hope he's always this outgoing. He hams it up for everybody, and people can't help but laugh when he flashes them his huge toothless grin. He was put on this earth to make people happy. Lord knows I've never been this happy.

Ready for the 4th of July!
I know this is super similar to the above photo, but I couldn't choose just one.
At the birthday party with Mama.
Daddy's turn!

Recently, Arlo somehow learned that if he cranks his leg, he can make his bouncy seat rock. He only uses his right leg, and it's more than just a kick. It's more of a bicycling motion, and he really gets into it. It's pretty hilarious (and super ingenious). Watching him make discoveries is the greatest thing in the world, and I love that there are so many more discoveries in store for us. Every single day will be an adventure with this boy.

Look at that right leg go!
And here's a random smile just for you.


paisleybaby33 said...

Auntie Megan loves this post so much as her little boy is showing off some of the digs she bought him!!!! Do his cheeks get any cuter?

Emmett Katherine said...

that hair!!! love his festive 4th of july outfit and his cute little cop uniform, such a good looking baby, I can see how his smile is contagious :)

jessica dukes said...

his hair is awesome!

Jessica said...

I love the baby cop outfit!