Monday, July 1, 2013

13 Weeks

Arlo is 13 weeks old today, and I have a week of work under my belt. I've obviously always thought weekends flew by too quickly, but I had no idea. It's worse once you throw a baby into the mix. I left work Friday, so excited to have a whole weekend to spend with Arlo, and then BAM! It's Monday.

I hate leaving this face.

I said a couple weeks ago that I had a newfound respect for stay-at-home moms. Well, suffice it to say that I have just as much respect for working moms. This is hard. I go to work after sleeping like crap, and then come home to spend 3 measly hours with Arlo before his bedtime. Ridiculous.

Before we had a chance to fall into the swing of things, Danny got the terrible news that he was being switched to night shift. Umm...what?? There goes our perfect childcare set up, where Danny got to be home with Arlo a few times a week. Now, he'll be with Danny's mom almost every day, which will be really hard on her, considering she's 71 years old. She says she'll do it, but I feel really awful.

Another concern is that we'll never see Danny. On nights he works, Arlo and I will get home at 5:30, and Danny will be leaving at 6. He'll get home at 7:30 the next morning, fifteen minutes before Arlo and I leave. This blows. He does have 2 or 3 weekdays off every week, though, so Arlo and I will have him those evenings. He can't be with Arlo during the day, though, obviously, because he'll need sleep after a 12-hour night shift.

Saturday night was Danny's first night shift, and it broke my heart to watch him leave. Be nice to police officers! They sacrifice a lot.  
I let Danny wake Arlo up before he left for work. Arlo always stretches like this when he wakes up. He was probably farting, too. (Arlo, I mean.)
Sunday morning. So happy to see Daddy when he got home from work.  Too bad Daddy had to go to bed 10 minutes later. 

Arlo's still loving making his hands and feet do things. He intentionally slaps and kicks at the toys on his bouncy seat to make the music turn on. He knows exactly what he's doing, the smarty. 

Yay, bouncy seat!


Rachel said...

The cutest baby pictures! He is so photogenic! :-)

Tale's of My Tiny Tot said...

He is so cute! Love the picture of him smiling at his Daddy :)

jessica dukes said...

the picture of him smiling at danny is priceless!