Monday, April 22, 2013

3 Weeks

Arlo is exactly three weeks old today. We're all getting pretty used to our routine (Arlo sleeps for 3 hours, wakes up for an hour, sleeps for 3 hours... and so on, all day and all night), and life is amazing. Danny and I make a really good team. While I hold the feet, he wipes the butt; while I feed Arlo, he does the laundry. There's nobody I'd rather experience my first poop fountain with (I swear we gave Arlo enough time to finish filling that diaper. I think he was trying to be hilarious.), nobody I'd rather lie next to and stare at our son with, so fascinated that, together, we made that.

Fart smile.

Arlo's becoming more alert during his awake time, and it's so fun to watch him take in the world. I know he can't focus well yet, but he does enjoy looking at the birch trees behind his crib, the mobile on his swing, and the living room curtains. He stares and stares at these things, and we stare and stare at him. We could look at his sweet face for hours—and we do.

He also does this thing Danny and I refer to as "crazy-hand time," where he flails his arms everywhere, fist-pumping and waving, just loving life. And what's not to love, really?


jessica dukes said...

arlo is awesome. and how in the heck is he 3 weeks old already?

Emmett Katherine said...

he has so much hair for a newborn!

I love their little smiles, even if they're gas/fart smiles!