Monday, April 8, 2013

1 Week

Whirlwind. That's the word people always use to describe the birth of their babies and the days immediately following—and I can't think of a more fitting one. Has it really been a week since we brought our sweet boy into the world? 

Danny and I have basically spent these glorious days laughing because we're all just so damn in love—and then crying for the very same reason. We can't get over how lucky we are, how surreal it all is. Danny commented that our house looks good with a baby in it, and I'll never forget that statement. It's been such a blessing to be able to spend our days in this happy house together—no work, no responsibilities, nothing to do but enjoy being a little family. At last. 

Loved ones have been spoiling Arlo like crazy. Gifts and food have been rolling in like nobody's business, and if I write two thank-you notes a day, I should have them finished by the time Arlo graduates.

Speaking of Arlo. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. This kid is awesome. He obviously doesn't do a whole lot yet, aside from the 3 biggies:  eat, sleep, and mess his diaper—but he's a blast to just watch. To just look at and admire. He's here, he's perfect, and he's all ours.

We learn something new about him every day. He loathes being nude. He never gives a warning whimper before letting out a wail, but he only lets out a single wail at a time. (It's the same beautiful cry he made as soon as he entered the world to let me know he was okay.) He loves baths and shoulder rubs. He gets hiccups a lot, just like when he was in my belly, and he always sneezes two times in a row. Every single time. We can't wait to learn more.
Happy 1-Week Birthday, Arlo.


Nicole said...

Perfect so perfect.

Katie said...

He's perfect! Congratulations on your beautiful little boy! And happy one week, Arlo!!

WillJogForFood said...


Erica said...

Happy one week! (And a half, now :) )

It goes by so quickly!

Emmett Katherine said...

Isn't it such a surreal feeling, like wow does this awesome person really belong to us?' Man it's the best time and everyday is happiness isn't it?

You guys are such a lovely family to read about - please keep blogging!