Wednesday, February 26, 2014

47 Weeks

Arlo is 47 weeks and 2 days old today, and there's no way to look at him without smiling. Danny's birthday was last week, and celebrating it with Arlo made it a million times better. The kid is such a joy.

That's the effect of 32 candles! (Danny's actually 33, by the way, but we only had 32 candles in the house. Go figure.)

He makes every single day birthday-happy.
I have a million toys, but I'm just gonna play with this spatula. All day. Forever. And if you take it away, I'll scream hysterically.


Kate said...

Oh my heavens, what a cutie. My Henry (a few weeks younger than Arlo) makes that same face that A is making with the spatula. And also screams hysterically if you take away his preferred-at-the-moment toy. :) I wish they could meet up in real life!

Amanda said...

Kate, isn't it the sweetest expression? I don't even know how to explain it, but it's amazing. I wish they could meet up, too! But I'm not sure I could handle 2 little guys making that face at once. :)

Nicole said...

Aww !!