Monday, February 3, 2014

44 Weeks

Arlo is 44 weeks old today, and apparently, I only took these two cell pictures of him since my last update:

Hanging out in Scooter's crate.
Searching his bin for the perfect toy.

Not because I didn't think he was cute—but because at any given moment, there was either a booger or some snot somewhere on his face. He's been acting fine, but he can't seem to shake this little cold. This morning, Luda's sister had to fill in for her, and we greeted her at the door with a giant booger on Arlo's face. That was a pretty memorable first impression, I'm sure. The booger was a good 2" away from his nose, which made it even nastier, but he woke up just minutes before she arrived, and I didn't have time to scrub it off.

I wish the main topic of this post wasn't boogers, but that's about all we have going on right now. Just so I don't leave you with that disgusting anecdote, I'll tell you that Arlo has been kissing us all week. I know I put that in his monthly letter, but I haven't put it in my regular updates, so there you have it—my baby knows how to kiss. He doesn't know how to make the "muah" noise or anything, but he presses his lips against mine and pauses for a beat before crawling off. How adorable is that??

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