Saturday, March 23, 2013

38 Weeks = Pumpkin

Today, I'm 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and Arlo is approximately the size of a pumpkin.

I planned ahead and bought an artificial pumpkin from JoAnn's after Halloween. 

This week's update is coming at you pretty late because it was a hell of a week. When it wasn't snowing like crazy outside, I was spending time in the emergency room, being treated for what the ER doctor originally thought was kidney stones. On our second trip to the ER, though, he decided the back/side/everywhere pain might actually be from ligaments doing whatever ligaments do during pregnancy. All I know is I felt like I was dying, and I have a Percocet prescription in case it happens again (Nooo!).

Any other pregnancy symptoms I'm experiencing have obviously been eclipsed by whatever that horrendous pain was. I'm definitely uncomfortable, and I'm having a hard time fighting the dreaded waddle. I can't sleep, I'm swollen and nauseated, and I've been getting up 5-7 times a night to empty my smushed bladder. When I recall specifics of this pregnancy years from now, when I'm not thinking about how miraculous it was, I'll think of pee.

Anyway, life's kind of weird right now because, in case you missed it in my last post, Danny and I were prepared to meet Arlo this coming week. My C-section was scheduled for Tuesday, March 26th at 7:30 A.M, and we've been so focused on that date for so long that his flipping to the head-down position has been a major adjustment for us. We thought we'd be holding our miracle this week. I didn't research relaxation techniques or pain management, etc. during labor, because I didn't think it would apply to me. That said, I can't tell you how thrilled I am that he's in the proper position and that I can (hopefully!) have a vaginal delivery. It's just been kind of trippy.

I keep thinking it would be awesome if he decided to arrive on March 26th of his own accord, but my gut tells me he's going to bake beyond his April 2nd due date. He defied the odds and flipped past 37 weeks, so it's his prerogative to come out when he's good and ready. (Let's not get too crazy, though, Arlo. We're ready for ya.)


Emmett Katherine said...

That's awesome he flipped for you guys, even though you were mentally prepared to meet him the 26th. I am right there with you with all the crazy symptoms! I'm def waddling, no amount of effort can seem to stop it! Oh we'll, only a few more weeks :)

I hope your ligament pain eases up, yikes.

WillJogForFood said...

So happy that Arlo flipped!

Too bad about the ER, but the good part is that you don't have kidney stones :)

Heather said...

Sorry for the pain you've been experiencing. Hope it stays away!!

I have had May 20 set in my head since we found out about the placenta previa. I have an u/s in 2 weeks to see if it has moved... I'll be happy if it has, but not happy about having to wait past May 20! lol.

Emmett Katherine said...

hey, was trying to email you but I can't access your email address from your profile, just wondering if you'd be interested in doing a guest post? let me know!

hope you're doing well!


Amanda said...

Of course I would, Em! :)

Emmett Katherine said...

Ok great! I just set you an email, I was able to use your contact links from my phone. Check your inbox!