Wednesday, March 6, 2013

36 Weeks = Honeydew

Today, I'm 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and Arlo weighs about as much as a honeydew.

Weighing in at 6.75 pounds, this thing is heavier than it looks.

Most babies are in the head-down position by now, but not my baby! No, sirree. We're apparently trying to be part of every statistic we can possibly be a part of, so he's still breech. At yesterday's appointment, my OB told me to please give up hope that he'll flip—because she did an internal exam and knows that it's physically impossible for him to do so. His butt is at the gate, and there just isn't room down there for major acrobatics. (But what does it hurt to hope?)

Speaking of internal exams, last week, I was 80% effaced and already starting to dilate, and yesterday, my OB said I'm "really ripe." This could happen any minute! Or not. It's just one of those wait-and-see games, but that's part of the fun, I think.

My symptoms are still very mild, but I've been experiencing some terrible pressure on my cervix, thanks to my li'l low-rider. A few times, we've ventured from the land of discomfort into the land of oh-shit-that-hurts. On the plus side, I haven't experienced lung-crowding to the extent most pregnant women probably do.

I'm happy. I can't even tell you how happy. Also slightly panicky. We still have quite a few things to do and buy before this guy gets here, and life has been so crazy lately that I'm not even sure when we can squeeze everything in. I hope to knock out a few things this weekend, when we're not busy baby-classing or maternity-photoing it up.

Oh, and on the subject of photos... sorry the Baby Shower (Long Version) post isn't up yet! Sarah, the lovely photographer, is swamped right now, and she doesn't think she'll have the photos ready for a few more weeks. I don't want to publish the post without the photos, though, so I truly might have a baby by the time I share our shower story with you.


Karla said...

My almost 8 pounder turned head down at 39 weeks.....and back to butt first at 40 can still happen!

Heather said...

Only one week til full term!!! Hoping that he flips!