Wednesday, November 6, 2013

31 Weeks

Arlo is 31 weeks and 2 days old, and while I feel like I have a lot to say about this past week, I'm going to keep this short because my computer is still jacked, and I can't even tell you how much I hate blogging on my Kindle.
Most importantly, as of yesterday, we officially have a little crawler on our hands. He's not ready to win any races, and he still randomly collapses here and there, but he can do it, and it might be the cutest thing in the world. He looks too tiny to be crawling around like that!

This is supposed to serve as documentation that Arlo's crawling, but all it really proves is that we need to vacuum.

Sunday, we went to Danny's work for a clam bake, and we took advantage of a couple photo ops. First, Danny put us in jail:

Behind bars with my mini-me.

Then, Arlo took the cruiser for a spin:
Not really. Duh.

And then, both my handsomes posed in the cruiser:

How would ya like to get pulled over by these two? Yes, please.
Halloween happened, too. The weather was total crap (Not "carp," Kindle! Leave me alone!), which was a huge bummer because I had all kinds of outdoor photo ideas planned that couldn't happen. We did brave the weather for 10 minutes and have our friend Frank come over for a super-fast photo shoot. I shouldn't even have to tell you that my fox didn't cooperate. He only smiles for cell phone photos. Here's the best we could do, considering the wind and rain and the grumpy boy (pretend they're all centered):

He was in a much better mood for our earlier cell phone photo shoot.

I also had about a thousand photos of Arlo and Scooter to share with you, but I'm one weird formatting issue or autocorrect away from slamming my Kindle against the wall, so maybe I'll share those this weekend. I also want to show you a video of Arlo riding the Roomba, but for now, here he is in a crate:

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Colleen Garvin said...

He is just so adorable I can't stand it :) I swear he gets cuter and cuter!!! God Bless xoxo