Friday, June 21, 2013

Citrus Lane Box #2

Our friend Mel gave us a Citrus Lane subscription when Arlo was born. It's one of those things like Birchbox, where a present is left on your doorstep once a month, only this box is filled with surprises tailored specifically to the age of the recipient's child. What an amazing gift! Next time somebody I really love has a baby, I'm totally buying them a 6 month subscription.

Last month's box was awesome, but I never got around to sharing it with you, so I'll start off with this month's box, which is even more awesome. I wasn't expecting anything fun in the mail, so this really brightened my day. I was glad Arlo was napping when it arrived, so I didn't have to wait to tear into it.

How do the cats know, no matter where they are, that I've just brought a box into the house?

This month's theme is summer, so the goodies in the box are meant to "prepare you for a season of fun in the sun." Its contents include an iPlay sun protection hat, which is crazy because Danny and I tried to find one of these 2 days ago when we were out and about—to no avail; a Boon Odd Duck rubber ducky that's designed not to hold water, and therefore, won't collect mold; Episencial Soothing Cream that's made from minerals instead of chemicals; and Susan Brown's Foot Therapy Cream for Mama, which means somebody at Citrus Lane somehow knows that I could probably start a fire if I rubbed my feet together long enough.

Edgar's such a good sport.

What a great box of stuff! Can't wait to put everything to use. Be ready for some pictures of Arlo sporting that cute hat. Hello, summer!

Added 35 minutes after I originally published this post:

Edgar's still in the box, and the adorable hat is reversible!

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