Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First Kisses from Daddy

I lay awake in bed until Danny finally got home at 4:30 this morning. The wait was brutal.

When he came up to bed, I lifted my shirt and said, "Kiss your baby, and tell him to stay in there, and grow big and strong." My sweet, wonderful husband didn't even say anything. He didn't hesitate. He just started kissing and kissing way down low on my belly, where he's kissed and talked to all of our babies.

Last time he talked to my belly, he was crying, telling Baby Celis #2 goodbye.

But any tears shed last night were tears of joy. Of love. Of hope.

Okay, and maybe a few tears of trepidation. Of worry. Of doubt. (This is my third positive pregnancy test, after all.)

But it was really sweet and cute--and he was more excited than I imagined he'd be, given our track record.

When he finally spoke, he said, "You tested already?? I thought you couldn't test for another 4 days or something!"

I wasn't supposed to test. Only fools pee on sticks a mere 8 days after they ovulate, but like I said last night, I just knew

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